"I think the song is something that people aren't going to expect," says Mustaine. "It was inspired by a lot of the English rave and techno bands, but at the same time, it's pretty heavy. It's talking about insomnia, but it's really a tongue in cheek song about my life during the '80s, something that anyone who has ever been into staying up all night partying can relate to."

The tune sets the scene for the rest of Risk to unfold. In truth, Megadeth could easily have shifted into autopilot and cranked out a dozen or so dynamic numbers in the vein of their hugely successful last album Cryptic Writings, but that wouldn't have been creatively fulfilling, and it wouldn't have proven challenging enough for their demanding fans, who have grown to expect sonic evolution and unpredictable musical twists. Instead, they decided to push the envelope and dive headlong into a number of textures and styles previously unexplored. As a result, Risk is a compelling, contemporary disc -- an explosive melange that runs the gamut from instantly infectious to wonderfully experimental. And in between, there's plenty of crunchy, distorted riffs and sneering vocals on songs like "Prince of Darkness," "Seven" and "The Doctor's Calling" that will prove immediately familiar to longtime fans and casual listeners alike.

"Last album, Lars Ulrich from Metallica said something to me through the press," explains Mustaine of the album's title. "He said he thinks I am talented but that I should take more risks, which I took as good advice. As this new record evolved, it became more and more appropriate to call it Risk. And after all, the band is called Megadeth - we aren't afraid to take chances."

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