"We are heading in a much more melodic direction with this record," says Mustaine. "We've played fast and heavy for so long that I think that we would be painting ourselves into a corner if we continued to do that. We can't make Rust In Peace for the rest of our lives and I think our fans will understand that. We've been able to constantly grow, and at the same time, most of our records have gone platinum, and I'm extremely proud of that."

Another breakthrough track for Megadeth is the first single, "Crush 'Em," a celebratory hard rock anthem featured in the film and soundtrack of Universal Soldier: The Return starring superstar WCW wrestler Goldberg and martial arts/actor Jean Claude Van Damme. "I made that song out of a love for hockey," says Mustaine. "I go to a lot of Phoenix Coyotes games, and whenever they score a goal, they play "Rock and Roll part II" by Gary Glitter, and I'm just tired of that song. I thought, 'maybe we can do something that is celebratory and inspiring. So we did "Crush 'Em," which we also felt would be good for any sport."

Once again Megadeth worked with producer Dan Huff, who has had a major impact on the band's growth since Cryptic Writings. Huff's experience has taught him that impulse and improvisation are as vital to creativity as premeditated songwriting. The process helped Megadeth turn Risk into their boldest, most personally expressive album to date.

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