Megadeth Biography

Dave Mustaine - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mary Friedman - Lead Guitar
David Ellefson - Bass
Jimmy DeGrasso - Drums

Since 1983, Megadeth have been doing things their way, taking risks and reaping the benefits of their staunch individuality. Along the way, the band has amassed a diehard following, played to sold-out audiences around the world and generated over 20 million in record sales. Indeed, Megadeth has become an institution amongst fans of hard guitar rock. With the release of their platinum 1997 album, Cryptic Writings, Megadeth had four chart topping rock radio hits, co-headlined OZZfest, was nominated for their seventh Grammy, performed for Howard Stern's Birthday Bash, recorded the ESPN X-Games theme song, and was featured on the critically acclaimed soundtracks, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Strangeland, ESPN XGames Vol.1, and Songs of the WitchBlade.

Megadeth is not a call for Armageddon. It's a name that was built 16 years ago upon a foundation of cold war politics, economic upheaval and cutthroat capitalism. "When I left my previous band, I was looking for paper to write lyrics on because I was trying to keep myself from going insane on a four-day bus ride," explains Megadeth vocalist, lyricist and bandleader Dave Mustaine. "I found a handbill from Senator Allan Cranston that was talking about the danger of nuclear armament. It said, 'The power of megadeath can't be rid,' and I thought, 'What a fantastic name, it represents extreme power.'"

Fans have flocked to Megadeth in growing numbers, inspired and excited by the band's constant desire to evolve and mature without straying too far from their signature sound. The group's ninth (eighth studio) and latest album, appropriately titled Risk, is its greatest creative stride since Countdown to Extinction in 1992, on which Megadeth broke from their pure thrash metal roots and delved into the art of heavy, melodic songwriting. In an era where established hard rock and heavy metal acts are either being swallowed up by the new breed of cutting edge bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, or are struggling to conform to what's hip, Megadeth continue to blaze bold, new trails. The first song on Risk, "Insomnia," opens with a tweaked wave of feedback that segues into emotive violin. From there, the tune shifts into a futuristic guitar-blaring metal anthem embellished with strings, Middle Eastern melodies and a throbbing electronic beat.

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