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Megadeth brings on new drummer!

"Cryptic Writings" has gone Gold!

Megadeth To Release 8th Album April 9th, 1997

Megadeth Day

Megadeth Biography

Megadeth Comic Book

Megadeth Debuts at #10 June 26th, 1997

Megadeth Family Reunion Megadeth Launches US Tour July 18th, 1997

"Trust" #1 Requested Radio Single August 28th, 1997

Megadeth Rocks The US In Honor Of Award Winning Website July 16th, 1997

"Where's Vic" Contest Winners

Megadeth Goes Gold! September 29th, 1997

Megadeth On Mortal Kombat Soundtrack! October 20th, 1997

MTV Online Launches Megadeth Area


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