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To:Mr. Mustaine & Co. rEmEmBeR Me ? I'm tHE ONe That yOu weRE MaKINg FuN of thaT niGHT FoR SPIttINg onTHE STAGE.DO YOUREMBERMENOW? remember HOW I SCreaMED I"LL get even??? well gUeSs whAT,yOU CAn mEET mE @ MIDNIGHT 9/6/97 TINLEY PARK ill. AT THE WORLD THEATRE(WRCX)wItH 150,000 bIG onES if YoU ever wAnt tO sEE yOur dISgusTiNG mAScOt VIC raTTLeHEAD agAIN


SUBMITTED BY: Cathy Ramirez

Well I think that my kids must have somehow gotten to the shoot!! Vic arrived early and my kids followed him around asking him questions about everything that they could come up with!! He was suffering from a hang over and they were more than he could take so he ran away and committed himself into a mental institution where they could never find him to ask him anything else. And he hides there to this very day!!! You can come out they are safely at home:)


SUBMITTED BY: Dave Bernstein

It was starry night, about the 4th of June, and Vic was feelin' down So he stumbled upon a dusty bar, in the middle of Shaky Town Calm the nerves, he thought, a little drink...a little fun But he didn't know the Countdown to Extinction had begun A cowpoke at the end of the bar said, "Hey, you metalhead" But Vic just turned the other cheek for fear he'd end up dead The buck said, "Hey, I'm talkin' to you! Do you know where you are?" Vic knew his strange appearance in this place seemed quite bizarre The jukebox gleemed across the floor, and Vic just flipped a dime Some change he'd found in Texas town while breaking up a crime It flipped around a couple of times, and fell in the machine And out came Hidden Treasures, heavy metal, loud and mean He said, "The world's a crazy place...why can't we Rust In Peace?" "Give your soul to roll 'n roll, and let the violence cease." Who'd of thought, the scene you'd see, in this of country bars The cavalry of cowboys filled the room with air guitars Rock had saved old Shaky Town, and Vic had met his goal To convert the Youthanasia, and send his rock 'n roll So if Vic is late and doesn't show, don't scream or hold your breath He's probably in your town on a mission from Megadeth.

SUBMITTED BY: James Hartzog

Hey guys, it's me, Vic! I was just checking out your site, and I came upon this contest. I think it's really cool that you guys are taking advantage of my disappearance in order to bring the fans closer to their favorite band. For you guys that have to win, here's your answer. The night before the shoot, I had a bit too much to drink. Morning found me in a county jail in rural Nevada. I tried telling the officers there that I had to get to the shoot, and that I was with Megadeth, But they would hear nothing of the sort. "Dern city boys," they'd say. "What in the heck's a mega death, Roy?" "I'll bet it's one o' them devil worshipin' cults, Ted. Them dern kids. Don't know what they're doin' with their life." I would of put a bullet through their heads if I had a gun. Anyway, I got out the next day, but I had missed the shoot. But hey, now you guys can meet your favorite band! I guess you just have to give a little. Oh well, I gotta go. See you Megadeth goons on the next album!



I can tell you exactly where Vic was! He was in New York, [flirting with] all the MTV chicks trying to get them to play more Megadeth videos, you know chicks like Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, and Kennedy. Vic will stoop to nothing to try to get "THE MESSAGE OF MEGADETH" out.


SUBMITTED BY: Nicholas Brown

I think good ole Vic was unable to show up on the new album because he was recovering from a recent surgery. You see, the rivets that hold his visor in place had started rusting and he was in serious danger of getting tetnus or some other infectious disease. Unfortunately, he had to get all the rivets replaced, which meant he had to go to the hospital instead of the photo shoot for Cryptic Writings. I think he's recovered now, but he's still a little out of it as he has to adjust to his new fittings.



Vic told me he was taking a break from the rock scene to do comic books for all the little kids.



Vic Rattlehead was rushing in his beamer to get to the photo shoot, when he rushed to the back door - the security guard asked him who he was. "You gotta be kidding me, mortal one," Vic scowled.

After trying to get in, several security guards rushed in and restrained Vic, helpless he collapsed - frustrated he gathered all his strength and threw them all of him... when he made it inside - everyone had left.

Poor Vic.


SUBMITTED BY: Jorge Romero

Vic Rattlehead called me yesterday. He was on a Virgin Island in the Caribbean. He is drinking some coconut water, taking a little sun and just relaxing. He is preparing himself to go back to Arizona for the Comic that will be released today (aug 15). So he was just taking a little vacation to continue with Megadeth.


SUBMITTED BY: Rik Martinez

It is quite simple. Vic was the photographer. He found a new hobby and put it to good use. He also helped Hugh Syme with the artwork. Due to legal mumbo jumbo, he did not get credit on the album. Vic is often gaining as much popularity as the world's greatest band. He needed a break from the public spotlight. In his next project though, he will be posing with Fabio on some steamy romance novel cover. Not nude hopefully.


SUBMITTED BY: Steve Willis

Actually, for unknown reasons, Vic began to grow hair. Hair, not only on his skull, but across the greater part of his sternum as well. At this, one must wonder whether Vic steadfastly refused to believe that hard liquor would ever grow hair on HIS chest... I, for one, couldn't have argued with his reasoning.

Needless to say, this development wreaked havoc among his personal photographers early on in the photoshoot for Cryptic Writings. One eyewitness even recalls catching a glimpse of ten furry phalanges protruding from under the privacy door of Vic's dressing room. Upon being notified of this crisis, the band sent Vic to the Hairclub for Mascots, where he is now being given reverse treatment (that is, hair follicle annihilation) by the most skilled doctors on hand (who are also clients, by the way).



Once seeing his Grandma on the cover of Youthanasia hanging babies out to dry, He wanted to try it himself. So he gave her a call and she said baby hanging must be done by a professional and some rookie could ruin it for everyone. She told him stories about some rookies who thought they knew what they were doing and bounced a few babies. Vic asked if that was a crime. Grandma said not really, only if they hit HEAD FIRST!!

Not totally in awe of the warnings, Vic grabbed a basket of babies and off he went. At first he thought this would be easy. Grandma doesn't have to know. So what if I bounce a few babies. Grabbing the first kid he pinned him up perfect. Seeing the kid upside down, he thought, I should try this. For all we know he could still be hanging there!!!!!!!!


SUBMITTED BY: Gina Giacobbe

I know where Vic was cuz I saw him. I saw him coming out of the Quickie mart at the gas station, so I decided to follow him in my car. He got in a blue beat-up VW and drove for a long time. I think he realized that I was following him. He pulled up to the Burger King, parked, and went inside. It was night time so I went stalking around the side near the window where he was. He sat down in a booth where a big hefty fat guy was sitting with a mountain of burgers in front of him. They were both eating peacefully and talking so I went over to his car. I couldn't see anything but a bunch of porno magazines, a picture of Vic with MEGADETH (ROCK!!!!), and one of those evergreen tree air fresheners. Suddenly, I had to pee really bad so I went inside the Burger King. I had to walk passed him to get to the bathroom. I noticed the fat guy beared a strong resemblance to Elvis. They both gave me a dirty look when I realized that I was staring. So I ran to the bathroom. When I was in the stall doing my business, someone came in the bathroom. I peeked through the crack of the door and saw that it was Vic. I opened the stall (when I was done) and I tried to start conversation with him. I asked him what he was doing lately and he said something about his friend hooking him up with a job in Las Vegas as a flying Elvis. I said "NO! You can't do that! MEGADETH is the coolest band and you're their mascot. How could you sell out like that?!" He responded with two famous "American slang" words (I smelled liquor on his breath, maybe tequilla), punched me in the face, and ran out of the bathroom. When I finally got up a few moments later, I chased after him into the parking lot. Elvis had the motor running in his VW and Vic just got in as I made it to the door. As they drove away, Vic stuck his head out the window and gave me the finger. That was the last I saw of him. Don't worry, I think it was just the liquor talking.


SUBMITTED BY: Jeff Chabotte

Vic is on the run. He pulled up to his favorite pub atop his ol' Harley, exhaust rumbling like a cannon. Walks in donning his favorite leathers. Immediately, the women are all falling for him. ( what woman wouldn't? ) He glances to the most beautiful woman in the bar, and she walks up to him. No introduction needed, she knows who he is. After a few weeks of dating she wants to introduce him to her parents. He figures " what the hell ", and agrees. Heck she might even have a cute sister at home! Well the big night arrives and Vic and the ol' lady are standing at the front door to her parents house. Who should answer the door but the ol' man himself! With an evil eye towards Vic the father lets the two in. Sitting on the couch is none other than her prettier, younger, sister!

After meeting the mom, they sit down to dinner. During the dinner conversation Vic is taking notice to the sister, much to notice of the entire family! After a few times, Vic's ol'lady is MAD. She gets up and yells at Vic for being so rude and that she never wants to see him again! So he figures he had his fun with her and turns to the sister and mentions about how he'd like to take her out and show her a good time! Well Naturally this upset the father and so he leaps across the table to get a hold of Vic, screaming about how he's gonna kill him. Well Vic dashes out the door and hops on his Hog and takes off. But the father started chasing him in the pick-up while brandishing a shotgun. So Vic figures on hiding out for a few. Don't worry though... He WILL be back!



Here's my theory on what happened to Vic. The Parent's Music Resource Center (those are the annoying guys that put those parental advisory stickers on albums, or at least I think they're the ones) kidnapped him. The PMRC slapped those stickers on most of the early 'Deth albums, but then later on they stopped. Why? you ask. Because Megadeth started to do covers without Vic and didn't curse as much. Thus, the PMRC couldn't sticker 'Deth so they had to find another way to stop Megadeth's growing popularity...enter the plan to kidnap Vic!

Yes, the PMRC were dumbfounded by how come Megadeth's fanbase was growing so of course they pinpointed it to Vic's presence in all the covers and/or booklets in 'Deth albums pre-Cryptic Writings (can they get anymore brilliant or what?). Thus, they decided to try to kidnap Vic. They succeeded to an extent, so by the time the photo shoot came for the booklets Vic wasn't anywhere in sight. They had to go with a no-Vic booklet. Little did the PMRC know that Vic was actually a very smart skeleton and he managed to escape while the PMRC was busy slapping more stickers on metal albums. Vic came to the studio in time to take one picture but this time he wanted it to be special. And so we have the Vic trading card! Suck on that PMRC!


SUBMITTED BY: Jeff Ѕtеіոрοrt

Recently there have been sightings of Elvis in a McDonald's in a city here in Michigan called Kalamazoo. When I read on the Megadeth web page that Vic was missing, I knew exactly where he was. I took the drive to K-zoo (which is about 45 minutes) and found the famous McDonald's. There he was, wrecking things and harassing the poor drive-through attendant. I yelled "Hey, Vic!" He stopped and I told him my plight (I was looking for him) and he was receptive to my story. I alerted him to my disppointment that he did not appear in the new album so he let me take a picture with him! It was great. I told him you guys were looking for him but he said he was having too much fun heckeling McDonald's employees. Well, there you have it, he's in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

PS, I have enclosed the picture I took with him, so click here to look at it.



[ Journal o' Vic; May 29th, 1997 ]

Today, as had happened six times previous, was Megadeth's cover photo shoot for yet another new album. I view such shoots with relative ease as I've gotten quite good at them, if I do say so myself. So, without being worried about the photo session, I promptly made my way to my doctor, as I felt I was in need of my once-a-decade checkup. Arriving at the doctor's office, I was totally secure with everything. I felt good. Really good. (Well, as good as a Heavy Metal band's bony mascot can feel). The doc gave me his normal examination and everything was going smoothly until I was about to leave. "Victor...", he began, "Vic." I quietly replied. "Yes... Vic, indeed. I have some dire new for you. During my inspection of your bodily cavities and after taking a few X-rays, I've come to a conclusion." "Well.. Tell me, Doc, I haven't got all day", I sarcastically replied. "My friend", he started out, "it seems that your pelvic structure indicates that you are in fact... A FEMALE." I was in total shock. There was no way I could ever make it to the photo shoot today. I went home with my head hung low, and stayed in the house to ponder my situation.

[ Journal o' Vic; June 17th, 1997 ]

Well, here it is. June 17th. Megadeth's new album "Cryptic Writings" came out today, and yours truly is nowhere on it. Great. Look at what I've gotten myself into. Dave's gotta be pissed. But what am I supposed to do? There was no way I could ever show my skull around the guys again. They'd just laugh at me and throw shit at me. And not to mention the sexual harassment I'd get from Menza. Oh well. At least my new career seems to be taking off. After doing an exclusive photo shoot for VICtoria's Secret, I should be set on a new path in life (err.. Death). Besides everything that's happened, it almost seems fitting (and comfortable) to be modeling bras and panties. I hear that Playbone is interested in me doing a cover.



SUBMITTED BY: Adam R. Stovicek

It was late one night, I was surfing the web trying to find some neat shit to play with on my computer. After downloading a few items, I began to try each one. Once I got to the third utility, my screen flashed and went black. Then it happened. A message flashed that stated a virus named Metallica had infected my computer and was slowly weeding its way through my system.

With nothing but hope left, I headed up to my brother's computer to get onto the INet to look for help. I posted a few messages to a few newsgroups praying that someone would answer.

Not two minutes went by when my mailbox lit up with a new message. Opening up the mail message, I noticed that the sender was from Vic Rattlehead himself! You can only imagine my surprise. I read the message as quick as I could remembering that my system down in my room was slowly dying. It gave instructions on how to download Vic himself onto a floppy disk. Without any hesitation at all, I followed each step exactly as it was written by Vic. I grabbed a floppy, put Vic onto it, headed down to my computer and put it into my system.

I shut the computer down, waited for two long agonizing minutes and turned it back on just as Vic had told me to do in the mail message. After my computer went through its startup sequence, the floppy drive lit up and started spinning. Five whole minutes went by before anything appeared on the screen. It was Vic! Through the speakers, he told me that, "the virus had been disintegrated and to help to avoid it from invading your system ever again, the system has been protected with Cryptic Writings." That was when Trust began to pump through the speakers.

And to this day, true to form, it has never happened again. There's just one problem: I can't get Vic to leave my computer. Unfortunately, he found my drive filled with nude and porn pictures. He sits in the top right hand corner of my computer giggling as he cycles through every picture. But I guess that that's the small price to pay for keeping Metallica off my system.

If you need him or want him back, you'll have to come here to get him. He's having too much fun for me to make him leave.


SUBMITTED BY: Nick McCausland

I think that Vic got caught up in tumbleweed. He was so tangled up that he couldn't get loose in time for the photo shoot. Seeing that he wasn't able to make it the only thing that he was able to do was get caught up in the Old Testament. So now he is standing on a street corner with a will work for food sign. That is my guess.



Several pale-faced, squashy, large-eyed witnesses, calling themselves "Greys," identified a tall, dark, cloaked figure running rapidly from an unidentified man in an alleyway somewhere near Hangar 18. They've recognized the cloaked figure as Vic Rattlehead. From the eye-witness testimony, we have reason to believe, Vic heard something Mustaine had said having to do with the words, "...ugly... can look cute... just wear baggy clothes... paint their face a little thicker..." Unfortunately, it is also believed Vic misunderstood and thought this comment was directed at him. Not only that, but he figured it had come from the lips of Ellefson. We believe Vic mumbled something that could've been interpreted as "I'll get even."

Our best lead was something awful that happened to Ellefson's hair. We see that he has "long, beautiful, hair" in the "Trust" video and he doesn't have it during the X Games Theme. Our team of extroverts have been able to narrow down this hair-loss incident to the time Metal Edge had an interview with the Megadeth crew. Various photos in the magazine show that Ellefson had long hair and a "fuzzy thing" under his nose. One photo shows Ellefson in a cap with little hair. This gives us a date for the incident. We have reason to believe the "Wookie," as the "fuzzy thing" is now being called, crawled into a tumbleweed in Megadeth, AZ. Bounty hunters have been sighted clattering after the "Wookie" betting that it had taken the rest of Ellefson's hair. According to our Data, Vic disfigured the earlier "unknown pursuant," Ellefson, in order to "get even." Mustaine was quoted as saying Ellefson's hair was, "...hacked up, like pieces of meat, during the darkest hour of the day." As Ellefson awoke to his bizarre disfigurement, he allegedly chased Vic through the alleyways near Hangar 18. Some conflicting reports have come into question about strange lights in the sky from U. F. Ologists. However, we believe Vic is still hiding from Ellefson somewhere in the alley near Hangar 18. The abduction theory is just a bit too...

This just in: Scattered limbs of bounty hunters have been spotted. There is reason to believe the "Wookie" has grown in s... s... s... Ahh...


SUBMITTED BY: Brian Vanlerberghe

Vic Rattlehead is tired of doing still photography. He has decided to try commercials. Signed by Anheiser Busch Co.,Vic is the newest member of the BUD family.Move over froggies and lizards,HERE COMES VIC!!!!!!!



My theory is that Vic got tired of waiting around for Megadeth to make a new album so he just took off and left, not knowing where he would end up. Before he new it, he found himself in a field of flowers, kind of like in the Wizard of Oz, where he began to roll around in the flowers and have himself a grand old time just taking it easy and relaxing.



I think Vic was abducted by aliens and was taken to another planet where they tortured him by making him listen to country music. He was then brought back to Earth where he was then taken into custody by the government and was taken to Area 51 to be interogated by the military intelligence to find out what the alien culture was like. He is being kept there in a cryogenic chamber until they have studied all the information that he gave them. That is why he wasn't at the photo shoot.


SUBMITTED BY: Ander Garmendia

Starting as a skull and a series of metal pieces, he grew strong until he had to suffer the devastation of a nuclear war. He realized that nobody was buying peace, and that he needed to be prepared for the next debacle. He started carrying the most sophisticated weapons to help him live through his darkest hour. His young spirit got scarred in war, making him lean towards a bureaucratic political path. He reached the pinnacle of this phase when he met with all the world's leaders at Hangar 18. From that moment on, it became really hard to see him. He was never in the front pages anymore. Some people saw him counting skulls on an "extinction abacus". Some others saw him years after, holding a newborn in a dark Halloween night.

Many said that he remained hidden in the arizona desert. They used the most sophisticated maps of the region to try to find him. All these efforts proved to be futile, but the most avid scavengers were able to find all his remaining hidden treasures. With all the treasures, there was a short note from VIC. The note said that he had already accomplished his mission on this world. He was now Fighting For Freedom on A Secret Place. He was the Mastermind of this new world, fighting strong armies of Disintegrators. If people wanted to see him again, they Will (have to) Travel to this New World Order. They would have to follow all the Cryptic Writings that he left behind. They would lead them to the Vortex that will teletransport them to his realms. If they follow the wrong path, the Killing Road will lead them Into The Lungs Of Hell; but if they knew how to read and Trust the Cryptic Writings, they would be able to link the two worlds, and let everyone see the new beginning of Vic Rattlehead!!!


SUBMITTED BY: Brian Quinlan

I think vic is in space making new friends.



On the day of the release party for Megadeth's new album, Cryptic Writings, Vic had received some mysterious package which had no return address. Upon opening the package, a small shinny CD case fell into his lap, along with a note that read "Play me!" So rushing to his nearest computer, Vic eagerly threw the CD in and to his amazement discovered plans and new writing arrangements for the next Megadeth Album. Not wishing to break the news to the band in their time of festivity, he decided to embark on a solo mission to find help from some of music favorite industrial tech-heads.

Before leaving he left a letter of apology saying that He would explain everything later, and that he must find out who sent the mysterious Package with the CD and Plans of an Industrialized Megadeth. Some would say it may have alot to do with someone whom has helped them once before on a paticular single, which had an industrial flare. Could it be the famous Man in Black who now resides in New Orleans.


SUBMITTED BY: Jeremy Hulburt

Vic was living the good life. After Youthanasia was released, Vic sat back and enjoyed his success. He looked backed and was happy that he was graced on the covers. Vic also thought and contemplated on why he was NOT on the cover for Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia. He was very distraught. Vic wandered through the town of Megadeth, Arizona. He began to drink and become a menace to the town. He would terrorize all of the tourists that would visit the town. He would throw empty bottles of Mad dog at them. Vic was kicked out of the town much like Dave was from MetallicA!! He was irate and he was given a one way bus ticket to Seattle WA.

Vic lived on the streets of Seattle for years. In time Vic got a lady pregnant and now there is little vic. Vic denies it is his but with the metal hooks in mouth and chain and skeleton head who could deny? Little Vic has been spotted in seattle and people have thought it is the real vic. Meanwhile Vic has many outstanding warrents and has to keep it low. He never showed for the shoot of Cryptic Writings. Look for Little Vic to take his place on upcoming albums. Vic was telling some of our connections that he is thinking about making some appearences at some concerts to perhaps get back at dave for what he did. Meanwhile he's trying to start his own band. He wouldn't tell us the name of it yet.


SUBMITTED BY: Matthew Burchett

It all started after the last album, Youthanasia. Vic was preparing to go on the road with the band for the tour following the release of the album. Vic, before the release had recieved fan mail from all the chicks that listen to megadeth. In their letters they proposed to vic, told him that they were his number one fan and so on... My theory is that Vic is in hiding.. He has changed his entire identity to protect his family. He is now in Vic's Mascott Protection Program where he is hiding with all the other band mascotts that have been terrorized by PSYCHOTIC fans.

One day vic will return, But not as himself. He will be forever changed but still the same........



I'm afraid that Vic Rattlehead was inadvertently detained by the Capitol Records security team, mistaking him for an escaped convict with piercings which looked quite similar to Vic's headgear. In the ensuing melee, Vic was forced to smash several people's cranial cavities in, resulting in his mysterious disappearance.

Despite his unique appearance, Vic has remained elusive from the state and federal police. Of course, there is no explaination for the additional disappearances of a series of people, whose locations of disappearance form a line pointing straight towards Phoenix, Arizona, of all places. Local police are baffled, and doubt that the events could be linked. You ask me how i know all this? well, i'd tell you, but i'd have to do the unspeakable.



Dust filled the air as the two gunman faced each other. It had been many years since two such worthy advisaries had meet in the streets of Megadeth, Arizona. Vic's hand opened and closed in anticipation of the moment. The darked robe figure at the end of the street seemed to almost float above the hot sand. Seconds ticked by as a silent mental war raged between the two warriors. The time for peace had past and now it was time to smell VICtory!

The wind fluttered the dark ones robe and Vic spotted the mid day sun glint against steel as black as midnight. With lightning reaction, Vic unslung his weapon and the air was filled with molten messangers of death. The dark robes shuffled to the ground, heapped in a deserted pile. The menace to Megadeth, Arizona was no more. "I know the guys will forgive me for missing the photoshoot... after all, in Megadeth, Arizona, I am the law!"


SUBMITTED BY: Kyle Jakosky

Those chains that are connected to those metal things where Vic's EARS are, are needed to keep Vic alive.

But when Vic saw the tour dates, he was afraid to goto the Vegas show because he fears that Mike Tyson might bite off his ear which connects the chains and his life will stop. So to avoid that, with the help of some Arizona lawers, Vic fled to another county for a little bit. So that explains why people outside the U.S. cant enter this Mega contest. As for the photo on the old testament cd, that was taken before he fled. Vic is doing ok and we will see him again.



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